How To Care For Your Suit

Sep 27, 2014

Clothing - How To Care For Your Suit

When we have a much beloved suit we tend to wear it a lot. It eventually becomes a part of our personality and it also becomes an identifier with those who are around us. A particular piece of clothing can eventually be your signature or calling card, so if that suit begins to show it's age, what can you do to extend it's life? Here are some tips to keep your suit running for a very long time.

Limit Dry Cleaning

Now, we all love our suits and we love having freshly pressed clothes, but if you take your suit to the dry cleaner after every use you are going to wear it out. What you are going to do instead is steam in between uses and dry clean when needed. Steaming the wrinkles out of a suit will make sure that you don't look like a hobo and it will increase your suit's lifespan.

When Holes Appear...

… do not throw the suit out. Instead you can mend it at home or take the suit to a tailor to have the hole patched. Holes shouldn't be a reason to get rid of a suit because it is cheaper to get a hole fixed than to buy a whole new suit.

Cedar Is Your Friend

When you are hanging your suit in the closet you are going to run into trouble with silver fish and moths as both want to eat your suits alive. Hanging cedar keeps these pests out and keeps your suits smelling fresh and hole free. Without having to worry about holes you can hang your suits with confidence.

Lint Rollers Away!

If you have a wool suit you are not going to use a lint roller on it. These suits are a lot like human hair and need to be brushed and if lint rollers are used you are going to run into a matted hair problem. Get a brush instead of a roller to take care of lint and loose hair.