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    As the name itself suggests what it stands for, Slim fit suits are the kind of suits that fit Perfectly to your body with a very little Excess fabric. Slim fit suits are often referred to as Italian cut  suits. These are an essential item in any men's Wardrobe. These are perfectly tailored for Job interviews and other formal Occasions. Slim suits are the type of suit that 'hugs' your body but not that strongly. Another Important feature of Slim fit suits is their lightness. They are designed in such a way that they look close to the body with the chest open. They work Perfectly well on those with lean build.

    How to style a Slim Fit suits :-

    When going to buy slim fit suits, always keep in mind that the measurement of the suit should not be so tight or too high. Jackets should be such that they have enough room to make you move. It should be Perfectly tailored to hug your body, you also don't want it to be too loose.

    The same goes with the Trousers/Pants, they should fit to your body with little extra Fabrics. For a good Trouser go for the one which is narrower at the bottom. This will give you a sharp look. just like the trouser the Sleeves should also be tapered. They will be tighter on your wrist.

    If this is the first time you are going for a Slim fit suit, then plan to wear it in a variety of settings, going with a classic, solid color is a smart choice. Once you are done with Selecting the perfect suit for you, then add the final touch to your appearance by pairing them with patterned Tie then goes with your Shoes.

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