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    Whatever type of suit, blazer or pants you're wearing, you'll need a good shirt to tie your outfit together. Selecting the right men's dress shirts will give you a closet full of fine choices for when a more professional or formal look is desired. New York Man Suits is the place to find men's clothing online that has high-end looks without the high-end price tag. Our dress shirts come in all cuts, sizes and colors to fit your upper half. We have shirts from designers such as J. Matthews, Calvin Klein, Armando and Tommy Hilfiger that will have you looking like the man you aspire to be.
    There are many styles of dress shirts for men that will feel like they were tailored to fit you. Our selection includes classic fit button-down shirts for flexibility, slim fit shirts for skinner men and our "big and tall" shirts for the big guys. A spread collar dress shirt is an all-around option to wear alone or with a jacket. But you can also choose straight point collars for smaller tie knots, laydown collars for tuxedos and band collar shirts without a turndown. Get relaxed barrel cuffs with easy-to-use buttons or go for the "gentleman's look" with French cuff shirts for adding cufflinks.

    Most of these shirts are made of either 100 percent cotton that is comfortable and breathable, or a polyester/cotton blend that dries faster and has less shrinkage. As with all of our men's apparel, there are many colors and patterns to choose from, including shirts that have contrasting colors on the collar and cuffs. With so many shirts in stock, there's sure to be the right business shirt, evening shirt or summer shirt for you. New Your Man Suits is a family-owned business that is always on top of the latest clothing trends and offers unbeatable prices. Call us or visit one of our Staten Island stores to learn more!

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