Three Piece Suit

Three Piece Suit

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    A three piece suit is a suit that comprises three things : a jacket, pants and a waistcoat. It is an alternative for a formal Two piece suit. While choosing a Three Piece suit keep in mind that you select a suit that matches your Skin color or that contrasts the Shirt you are wearing. but the most essential of all is that you get your suit tailored for you in such a way that it fits your body i.e. it should be well tailored with the waistcoat fitting close to your body and the jacket roomy enough to easily button up over the top. They are formal or either semi formal

    Due to their sophisticated look they are worn on formal occasions such as wedding or horse racing , choose a fell fitting style with classic color. For evening Functions choose black color while for occasion happening in the broad daylight choose color like grey or navy blue. To complete the look, pair your suit with a suitable tie or bow and with a classic pair of formal shoes to go with and stand out of the crowd .

    Semi formal:-
    While three piece suits can be too sophisticated for casual office environments, they can be ideal for semi formals events. To keep it simple avoid bold color and loud accessories. Choose a  Normal or light colored Shirt with Grey or navy blue suit and pair them with derby or formal shoes and patterned Tie.

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