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    Want sun protection? Choose wide-brim hats, want to throw a style statement, then choose wide-brim hats! These hats are one of the most comfortable hats and can be worn both by men and women. Wide brim hats as the name says has a wide brim attached to the head of the head which makes it look like a big hat and is best for protection from the sun. If the guys wish to uplift their style sense, then these hats can serve as a perfect way to attract all the ladies at the event you are going to. Wide brim hats used to be a standard piece of attire in the 50's and 60's but are less commonly worn nowadays. Selecting the perfect hat can be a daunting challenge for many people. Choosing a hat that works with your style and your face are important factors when considering this fashion statement. Luckily, if you take your time in selecting the perfect hat, you can achieve a good fit and flattering style and wear a wide-brimmed hat with confidence.

    How to Style Wide Brim Hat - 

    These marvelous headwear designs can be paired with anything you want, starting from leather jackets to plain tees, jeans, skirts, tailored suits, etc. This head accessory gives you a polished and stylish finish. 

    The cream white straw fedora looks awesome styled with a high-neck shapeless short front and long back dress. Complete the look by adding lace-up boots.

    Sky blue floral belted frock looks awesome with knee-high suede boots, black sunglasses and light brown Brim hat.

    Go for a grey colored fedora and style it with sleeveless shirt-dress, knee ripped jeans and red strappy heels.

    Keep it summery cool by wearing a grey Brim Hat with white frock and ankle black boots.

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