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New York Man Suits is a contemporary menswear company, founded in 1988 in Brooklyn, New York. The company has been growing steadily ever since and is now one of the top brands in the industry. Menswear has become a large and profitable business, with more than $5 billion spent every year on just these items. Our objective is to help men look good while they feel good about themselves.

We believe that style takes time and effort — it should not be limited to only one specific type of person or social situation. We offer a wide range of contemporary and affordable menswear items, such as suits, shirts, tuxedos, accessories, etc We want to make sure that our products are something you can wear on any occasion. We also extend a personal touch to our customers. We invest time and energy into communication, marketing, and customer service so that you can have a great shopping experience.

 We at New York Man Suits are aiming to establish ourselves as a leading brand in the industry, both through our continuous product development and our commitment to service. Our goal is to bring the best quality yet affordable menswear pieces to everyone, no matter where they shop. By providing good products, we aim to establish a good reputation and make sure that customers keep coming back.

Our Products includes:

  • HATS



The apparel industry is changing. Men are no longer content to wear the same clothes as their fathers. They want more contemporary, more comfortable, and at times funkier fashion choices. Today, many men’s clothing brands are creating collections for the modern man with style and design that fits their needs, wants, and lifestyle. Some brands, however, take this approach so far that they can make a fashion statement in their own name.

In 1988, our company i.e New York Man Suits introduced the first menswear collection for Spring/Summer menswear 1988, with an almost punk rock underground approach. The collection included a collection of yellow T-shirts, ripped denim jeans, Men's designer suits, Italian Made Suits, Wools suits, and more. The variety of the collection, aside from the wide range of styles, included custom mixes and mixtures of fabrics and patterns. The collection itself was a mixture of the traditional and the unique.

We provide boys’ wear and men's accessories

  • The need for a new wardrobe is more pressing than ever in these changing times. Finding the perfect suit for a formal occasion, an evening gown for an evening event, or the right kind of pair of shoes to accentuate your outfit can be difficult and expensive.
  • We at New York Man Suits believe in the capability of providing customers with high-quality but affordable clothing and accessories. Our goal is to help you find the right suit, dress, shoes, or accessories that will make you feel you’re very best and look your best.
  • New York Man Suits is an online store that caters to the needs of men who are looking for high-quality clothing and accessories. Our customers are from all walks of life and all parts of the world. In a short span of 8 months, we have gained a solid reputation among our customers as an online store that blends high quality with reasonable prices.
  • When we started, our goal was to always provide high-quality but affordable clothing and accessories -a combination that many other companies were not providing at the time. We believed that if a customer is satisfied with something, he will come back to buy more. This is why we have always concentrated on providing our customers with the best value for their money. We strive to make sure that our products are high quality but affordable.
  • We regularly expand our product line to cater to the needs of our customers and introduce new designs, styles, and brands that are in line with the latest trends. We always welcome customer feedback and suggestions.

Tuxedos and Suits at New York Man Suits

New York Man Suits is the #1online store for suits and tuxedos, we provide high-quality suits and tuxedos. We also offer free shipping all over the world! Our vast selection of materials is sourced from the finest manufacturers in the industry. Our company is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled service and value.

At New York Man Suits, our experienced sales associates are here to assist you every step of the way. We offer a wide selection of the latest in-season fabrics, including premium fabrics at discount prices. 

We understand the importance of looking sharp for your next special occasion, and that means providing you with high-quality, affordable men's formal wear. Whether it's one of our products or services that you're looking for, we're here to help. 

We work hard at providing our customers with a great experience and value. We are continually striving towards providing the most professional service, friendliest staff, and best clothing for the best prices. We invite you to peruse our website and shop with confidence. I

We offer free shipping on all orders over $100! (the US only).

All of the products we sell are specially hand-selected and are of the highest quality in the industry. All of our fabrics are 100% authentic fabrics from the finest manufacturers in the world. 

Why New York Man Suits?

Cloth is an organic, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly way of life. The benefits to choosing cloth over traditional multicolored plastic are numerous, from helping the environment to stave off the toxic synthetic fibers that leak into our water systems. But many people do not know about the myriad of benefits that come with purchasing clothing from New York Man Suits menswear!

A good part about purchasing your cloth from New York Man Suits menswear is that it is high-quality! No longer do you have to worry about the shirt you bought three years ago ripping on you because it was cheaply made. Nor do you have to worry about rips forming in your pants because they are not made out of durable materials. That is because all of their products are made of natural fibers, such as cotton and wool.

The scarves and ties from their menswear section are high-quality. They are made out of silk, which is an incredibly durable material. Not only will it not rip on you because it's constructed properly, but you'll also be able to wear it for years to come. If you don't like how the scarf looks after a few years, you can donate it to charity! You don't have to try looking for a new scarf – cloth items age very well and keep looking good after many years of use.


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