Wood - Wedding Invitation Without A Dress Code – No Problem!

Wedding Invitation Without A Dress Code – No Problem!

Text - Wedding Invitation Without A Dress Code – No Problem!

So, you’ve received a wedding invitation. You can clearly see the names of the persons inviting you, the time and date, as well as the venue. But there’s a twist – no dress code has been stated in the invitation. Does it mean you can wear whatever you want? Or that you have to call the bride or the groom and ask them about what to wear? No, and no. There are certain guidelines when it comes to these things, and these guidelines will help you look the way you’re supposed to at a wedding.

You should really take note of the time and date of the wedding if there’s no dress code in the invitation, because that is how you will know what’s appropriate to wear. Evening weddings tend to be more formal than the day weddings, and your attire should show it. Also, winter and fall weddings also tend to be more formal, and in this case, more formal usually means you should wear darker colored, heavier suits.

So, a day wedding in the spring or summer will see you in a suit that’s light gray, beige, or blue, and made out of light materials, like linen or twill. Never wear a white suit though, unless you’re the groom, and even then only the jacket should be white. If it’s an outdoors wedding, and it’s really hot, you can forget the tie, but otherwise – you should wear one. An evening wedding in the spring or summer will see you in suits made of same materials, but in darker colors – navy, dark gray, or black.

A day wedding in the fall or winter will always see you wearing a tie, and a darker suit made out of wool or cotton. The winter evening wedding attire is a bit trickier, as it could be both a dark suit, as if it was a day wedding, or a tuxedo, even if you’re not in the party. If you’re not sure what to go with, it’s a good idea to try to deduce the levels of formality of the event from the invitation itself. The more formal the invitation, the more likely you’ll look out of place without a tux.

And that’s all there is to dressing up for wedding when there’s no dress code required in the invitation. Of course, you can call up the bride or groom, or someone close to them, but there’s a good chance they are neck deep in the planning, and you’ll only be bothering them. It’s better to stick to these guidelines, and you’ll be just fine.

September 22, 2014 — Jay R.
Handbag - Choosing the Right Suit for Your Form

Choosing the Right Suit for Your Form

Handbag - Choosing the Right Suit for Your Form

A well-fitting suit is a necessity for every man's wardrobe. Whether he works at an office or simply needs a suit for a special event, choosing a great suit should be at the top of his list. For men who are unfamiliar with choosing their own fashions, or who are uncomfortable with being poked and prodded at a men’s wear store, the internet offers affordable and great look suits for all shapes and sizes.

Making Style Choices

Picking a suit is not a matter of “one-fits-all.” Various styles, colors, and patterns affect the appearance of the wearer. As trends come and go, making a choice that will stand the test of time can save money and allow the wearer to always look great. When choosing a suit, you must make design decisions on the following:


  • Number of jacket buttons
  • Double breasted or single breasted
  • Shoulder padding
  • Vents
  • Lapel style
  • Amount of trouser break
  • Patterned Fabric

When in Doubt, Go With a Classic Style

If the thought of all of those choices makes you nervous, stick with simple, classic styles. This is a great option for those who aren’t interested in staying up with the changing trends but always want to look their best.

Doing Research and Asking for Expert Advice

Buying suits online is a fantastic way to get a great deal, but it’s important to know your measurements before you shop. Check out an online suit retailer for info if you would like to take your own measurements at home, or go to a men’s apparel store to have your measurements taken professionally. Armed with correct measurements such as your inseam, sleeve length, neck size and waist, you can safely choose a suit online without worrying about fit.

Making Final Alterations

No matter how well you measure for a suit, you should have it altered to fit your form perfectly. You can have this service performed at a local tailor. You may have to spend a little more for the final fitting, but it can be worth it as you wear your suit confidently and draw positive attention.

November 27, 2013 — Guy Avivi