Timeless Suit Designs That Are Always in Vogue

Aug 1, 2014

Clothing - Timeless Suit Designs That Are Always in Vogue

Timeless Suit Designs That Are Always in Vogue

If you need a new suit but are not sure which style is your best bet, it is always a good idea to go with a timeless design. By definition, these suit designs are always in fashion, so you never need to worry about looking out of place or unfashionable.

If you need an elegant, classic look for a formal occasion, it is impossible to go wrong with a three-piece suit. The suit's pieces are particularly useful for keeping you comfortable in cooler weather, and the vest ensures that you remain formal if you remove your coat in a warm environment. For use in a casual environment, simply leave the vest at home.

While black is the most versatile color for any occasion, whether you are dressing up or down, no suit repertoire is complete without a navy suit in your closet. Blue suits are great for looking sophisticated, and the color is the best option for dressing your coat down with a pair of nice jeans.

If you ever attend a black tie event, a work suit with a dark tie is simply not adequate. You need to invest in a dinner suit. You need not limit yourself to a stodgy or uncomfortable tuxedo, however. Modern dinner suits come in plenty of fashionable designs.

If you want to invest in a set of timeless suits that are guaranteed never to fall out of vogue, you need at least three: a three-piece black suit, a navy suit and a dinner suit. The cut and individual style elements are up to your personal taste, but this combination of suits gives you the options you need for every occasion, from work to weddings, black tie events and formal dinners.