Your Guide to Wearing Men’s Vests

Clothing - Your Guide to Wearing Men’s Vests

There are many vests for men to choose from, and they are not just for stuffy old business men in suits, bikers in leather, or duck hunters in puffy orange. No, there are many ways for you to wear vests to impress and for the purpose of this posting, we are talking about the most impressive vest of all: the dress vest.

The Fit of Your Vest

Generally speaking, a vest is longer in the front than it is in the back. This means that when you wear a vest, you want the front of it to cover the top of your pants, and possibly be short enough in the back to expose a bit of your shirt when you are up and moving. When you are seated, the bottom of your shirt should not show even in the back. When you go with a vest, make sure you wear a slim fitting shirt so that it does not puff out from beneath the backside of your vest. Oh, and of course, keep your shirt tightly tucked at all times.

When fitting your vest, remember that you want to emphasize the appealing nature of your body’s shape. See that strap at the back of your vest? It is there for a reason, use it to make the vest snug enough to show off your shape, yet roomy enough so that you can still place items, perhaps a handkerchief, in your vest’s pocket.

Vest for (Nearly) All Occasions

If you are only going to buy a single vest, go with a black silk or a silk-blend one. Black dress vests can be stunning when worn with a white dress shirt. Moreover, black vests go very well with many styles and colors of ties, shirts, and pants. They are the easiest to match.


Your vest will have anywhere from three to nine buttons. No matter how many buttons yours has, you must never keep the bottom button done and should probably keep the top button unfastened as well.